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  1. Re: *** Official Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Matt Thomas. smh...
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    Re: COACHING SEARCH: Campbell up, Fleck down

  3. Re: *** Official Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Curious what Iowa State's overall record is with Illinois? Or is this their first match-up?
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    Re: COACHING SEARCH: Thanksgiving night update

    More and more I am putting P.J. Fleck atop the wish list. I want him as our head coach. He seems like the right fit.
  5. Re: Worst kept secret: ISU wants shot at UAB in Emerald Coast Classic

    Monte and Jameel did a Twitter/ Periscope three days ago. Jameel asked Monte without being prompted with a viewer question, "What would you rather lose?" (Meaning which loss wouldn't sting as much)...
  6. Re: Differences from last year to this year - coaching angle

    I would say a vast majority of coaches yell out instructions from the bench. Hoiberg was one of those seldom few we didn't. We are not used to that. To be honest, I like Prohms animated demeanor on...
  7. Re: *** Official Chattanooga vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I have some concern about this game..
  8. Re: Chattanooga @ Illinois: Scouting our next opponent

    Hope our boys are not getting cocky and overlook Chattanooga having their sights set on a possible return date with UAB!
  9. Re: This was the best case scenario for the future

    Hate is a pretty harsh/strong word to throw around referring to CPR. CPR is a hell of a nice guy. But CPR is arguably the worst football coach in ISU history. And that is pretty hard to accomplish....
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    Re: **** Official Transfer List '15 ****

    This is correct.
  11. Re: NOTEBOOK: Thomas w/ a new role, no RS for Ernst, Prohm on off week

    Georgia sucks too...
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    Re: Did Jameel get injured?

    Chicago State put up 137 points its first game! I don't care who you play, that's offensively explosive! Illinois Tech or whoever...
  13. Thread: Naz

    by mjhavlo76

    Re: Naz

    You could make the argument that Morris, Niang, and Naz all stole the show! Nadar had a huge second half!
  14. Thread: Boycott

    by mjhavlo76

    Re: Boycott

    Wow!! Some people need to get a grip!! Frankly, I don't know if we really deserved a lot of pub from Sportscenter. I am not trying to be negative but it wasn't a sexy win by any stretch of the means....
  15. Re: Monte Morris in his "mode" for the season opener

    Whatever fuels the fire I guess. Sounded like a confident foe that gave him a compliment.
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    Re: Colorado Game

    I will admit. My initial reaction when I had seen Colorado was our first opponent was that of concern because Colorado is a good team. But Iowa State is better than good, they are going to be an...
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    Re: 2015-16 Undefeated teams

    That's a lot of unbeaten teams!
  18. Re: Abdelmassih and St. Johns down early to St. Thomas Aquinas...

    I never had any qualms with Matt. Seemed like an alright guy.
  19. Re: Abdelmassih and St. Johns down early to St. Thomas Aquinas...

    I know it's early, but I'm gonna bet Chris Mullin won't be a successful coach. Just a hunch.
  20. Re: Abdelmassih and St. Johns down early to St. Thomas Aquinas...

    The statement below is MONEY!
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