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    Poll: Re: PODCAST: Cap City League mock draft

    This is one of the most fun threads I've ever seen.... I'd vote Team Williams, just too much offense...
  2. Re: Day after Monday Musings: Football expectations

    Oh man... I don't know why but I literally laughed hysterically at the first part... that guy was murdering us, and we couldn't do anything to stop it...
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    Name the place and time fellas... I'm in...
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    Re: Love Letters to Fred Hoiberg, Part 2

    I just watched that the in my car in the parking lot and I'm pretty sure people think I'm insane for how I was laughing.... I'm in tears, that was an instant classic...
  5. Re: Monday Musings: A new era in QB management?

    Im not a country fan but George Strait has got some good stuff... give it all we got tonight is one of the most beautiful songs ever... back to football, I don't care who starts, cuz I truly think...
  6. Re: Anyone collect Air Jordan's and Nike shoes?

    I collect D-Rose's, I have every pair except for the D-Rose 4's... not a fan of Jordan's...
  7. Re: ***Offical ISU VS UCONN Postgame Thread***

    I was just thinking this also...
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    Re: Helluva season

    Great run.... great team.... extremely sad to see us go down like this.... so proud of the guys... feel terrible about losing this game, feel terrible for Melvin and Deandre... sucks to lose, we were...
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    What if???

    Thats all we got now... what if niang didn't get hurt vs nccu????
  10. Re: *** Official Uconn vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I'd rather have our key player seniors start actually showing up here...
  11. Re: *** Official Uconn vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    We are severely rattled...
  12. Re: *** Official Uconn vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Quietly that's kind of a big play at the end of the half there....
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    Re: BLOG: What now?

    I definitely agree with this... it'll hurt our offense for sure, but we might just get a boost in defense and rebounding, (no offense to Georges) just saying we'll probably be forced to play a bit...
  14. Re: ***Official ISU vs Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    Its not on espn 3...
  15. Re: ***Official ISU vs Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    awww f**k me....
  16. Re: ***Official ISU vs Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    Anyone in cedar rapids figure out what channel?
  17. Re: ***Official ISU vs Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    What the FU** is going on? ??
  18. Re: ***Official ISU vs Kansas Game(day) Thread***

    Why is the Kentucky game on espnu?
  19. Re: that will teach me to give up before the final whistle

    What a dirty stupid ******* ***** *** *****!!!! That is downright awful.... karma definitely owes you something my friend....
  20. Thread: Naz Long

    by CychoCyclone

    Re: Naz Long

    Great shot by naz!!! if you watch after Thomas gets the rebound he maybe not even on purpose fakes the ball to his right to Georges then gives it to kane on his left and it sorta gets ok sts defense...
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