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  1. Re: COLUMN: Kicking the tires on PJ Fleck; basketball observations

    We typically don't offer free housing to our coaches.
    But seriously, he may have potential but there is no way Pollard goes with that small amount of experience.
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    McKay crossover

    Was not able to watch 2nd half last night. Is there video of McKay's crossover move?
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    Re: Winter Ale Season

    Out of state forweekend and stopped at a liquor store with marginal selection. Grabbed a Blue Moon seasonal sampler and was pleasantly surprised.
    Cappuccino Oatmeal stout - smooth , flavorful and...
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    Re: Electric Smoker

    Bought an electric Cajun Injector last winter. Love it and wished I had done it years ago. Tons of good tips and recipes on the internet.
  5. Re: triple option.. yes if you want to lose fans..lose

    Walden ran a different triple option. His 3 options were:
    1. 2 yeard gain
    2. TFL
    3. Fumble
  6. Re: Brannen Greene of KU suspended for 6 games

    Make sure you read the second article regarding Diallo. Here is my favorite part:

    The five-star prospect from Mali, a country in West Africa, attended Our Savior New American, a private high...
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    Re: If we win out....

    Anyone else think there may have been a slim chance Mangino was sandbagging in an attempt to get Paul's job at the end of the season? I had a hard time believing his coaching abilities went that far...
  8. Re: North Carolina playing in Cedar Falls this Saturday??

    I think one of Roy Williams recruiting tactics is promising out of state prospects that they will get to play at least one game in their home state. Marcus Paige is from Marion. Roy probably did not...
  9. Re: Looking back...Could things have been handled differently? (long)

    #Mad Again
  10. Re: Indisputable video evidence . . . Game replay

    Ball moved but there was no angle where it is touching the ground.

    It is that time of year when ALL conference refs will start looking after their play-off contenders. Don't be surprised when...
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    Re: WWYD - Fender Bender

    YES....Low deductible is a suckers bet. A higher deductible will usually pay for itself in 2-3 years and since any claim will raise your rate so you are almost always better off with a high...
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    Re: Could this be impacting our program?

    Didn't his brother play at OU? He would not have to go very far to get to the other end of the spectrum from ISU. In more ways than one.
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    Re: Smoking Pork Loin

    Definitely brine. Use your favorite rub but not as heavy as ribs or butts. Use apple wood. After reaching 150 degrees I wrap in foil and let rest 15-30 minutes before carving. i have an electric...
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    Re: Go after Brian Ferentz?

    There is going to be a LOT of disappointed posters here when Pollard acknowledges that CPR will be back next year.
  15. Re: *** Official Colorado vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Nuff Said.
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    Re: DMR Signing Day Article

    Remember, dreams come in many forms... Day Dreams..... Nightmares......Wet Dreams ......etc.
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    Re: Thank You Veterans

    YES!! Many thanks to all who have served our country.
  18. Re: ***Week 11 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1: Zona
    Week 2: Ole Miss
    Week 3: NC St
    Week 4: Houston
    Week 5: Temple
    Week 6: Ohio St
    Week 7: Clemson
    Week 8: Ok St
    Week 9: Mempis
    Week 10: Iowa
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    Re: Basketball Memes / Opponents

    I was kind of hoping Cyclone Alley would show up for the Iowa game wearing eye patches or some type of protective eye gear. Of coarse they can still bring moped flags, or a box of Captain Crunch with...
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    Re: Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel

    This issue with the players is probably a gift for Pinkle. Sitting at 4-5 with 3 tough games left (BYU, TN, @ AR). They might not make a bowl game this year. Pinkle can take a couple of forfeits and...
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