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  1. Re: WILLIAMS: What's next (potential candidates)

    Good established dual threat QB and young RB and some wideouts as well.

    Better job than people think particularly since ISU isn't Mizzou and doesn't have their issues.

    Lot of guys can step in...
  2. Re: WILLIAMS: What's next (potential candidates)

    Miles is the best choice. Can you see him losing to KSU every year?

    All he has to do is win 6-7 games next year and he will have ISU looking like the same type of program he left at OSU over a...
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    Re: Pollard/Rhoads Firing

    Probably the correct move but the AD should be out the door with him and someone new should be shopping for the groceries. Pollard is a good marketing AD not the right man to pick a new FB coach in...
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    Re: Next coach options?

    Should have been Herman or Montgomery last off season when both took mediocre jobs. I back up a Brinks truck to both of them. One and done is OK if you do it to a small enough school. I wouldn't...
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    Re: Firing CPR is a big mistake

    Bad time to be looking there are a lot of openings in better recruiting areas at schools that will have the same type of expectations.
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    Re: Firing CPR is a big mistake

    I thought the team looked good enough in games against the non super power offenses to bring him back.

    But the Kansas St loss is unforgivable. Losing 2 games in a row to them that should have...
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    Re: Is Texas starting to implode?

    Depends on who is available.

    Dunno where Greg Ward is academically but if Im Texas and hes graduated and can play right away I hire Herman and have him bring his QB with him. Ward Jr is amazing...
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    Re: Why no Lanning

    RIchardson has had the team in every game. Wish he made 1-2 more big throws in crunch time against Iowa and TOledo but he has had a good season.

    Those guys will get their shot next year this...
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    Re: Wasting FB Tickets

    Yes it is.

    And there isn't much wrong with a fan who can't make all 7 games but wanting to support the program and buy seasons lletting their seats go to waste a game like KU it doesn't really...
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    Re: AJ for Pro Bowl?

    All 4 are excellent. TD's early career injuries have probably helped him remain so good now hes older. Thompson is a safety playing LB.

    So I hate to say it but Klein likely needed Keuchly to go...
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    AJ for Pro Bowl?

    Luke Keuchly going down is really giving AJ a great opportunity to cement himself as one of the premier linebackers in the game. Tillman is on sportscenter now saying how good he is getting the D...
  12. Re: Does the Pollard story change the FB situation?

    Pollard has to go with him. ISU has very good fan support which will react big time to winning its not a bad job as an AD since the hoops program is very strong with great support and history and...
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    Re: Time For Lanning

    I think making a switch will spark the WRs who are the strenght of the offense.

    I mean the one third down conversion pass on that potential game winning drive Richardson hit got his WR...
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    Re: Bring it, Kansas

    This team could be 3-0 very easily I think Kansas will be a blowout win and there's a chance to regroup for the tougher Big 12 games.
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    Re: Time For Lanning

    Its not all on Richardson but even his best pass of the night on that 3rd and long was high and off target got his WR creamed.
  16. Why the F isn't Montgomery or Herman coaching this team?

    3-0 with either of them and the Iowa game might have been a multiple possession win. Tulsa gave OU a game today and SMU had a good start against TCU and played Baylor respectably.

    Both would have...
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    Re: Expansion

    THe conference doesn't "need" to expand remember that if there is 12 teams everyone no longer plays everyone else automatically. This means any team who ducks the top 1-2 teams in the league due to...
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    Re: Where would YOU rank ISU in preseason?

    Maryland #1.

    ISU and UNC after them about even.

    Then you can chose where you put the next teams there is a gap after those 3. (Kentucky Kansas Nova UVA Duke.)

    I think my Orangemen are...
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    Re: MBB Season Tickets

    I think you can still get seasons if you pay attention and buy immediately when they get offered to the public. They allowed ST holders to request more during renewals that end today so I'd pay...
  20. Re: Phil Steele looks for bowl game from Cyclones

    Beat UNI and its a 6-8 win team. Richardson isn't a bad QB he is due to win games eventually he might take a beating and wear down later in the year but I think he will get more positive attention...
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