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    Re: Bulls @ Suns (Hoiberg vs. Hornacek)

    Just like the MLB and NHL, when you get down to these best of 7 series you're essentially saying that whoever has the most money to pay for the best players and coaches will win. What people like...
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    Re: Single Game Tickets

    This isn't Stub Hub and he's not asking a scalper to get tickets for him on the cheap. He's asking a favor one Cyclone fan to another. A lot of people view CF as an extended circle of...
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    Re: FS: MBB ISU / COLORADO (Sioux Falls)

    Don't know that I'd call it fair value, but it is -market- value. Nothing against you, but I think most people who look for tickets here are looking for a 50% or less markup over face value.
  4. Re: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    That's how I feel as well. It sounds like some people within the AD office are mad that Fred left and spun everything that happened over the last few years in a way that makes it seem like Pollard...
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    Re: Poorest Counties in Iowa

    In my experience northern Iowa is way less dense in population. Granted, where I lived was probably one of the more heavily populated counties in southern Iowa. That said, when I drive north of...
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    Re: Poorest Counties in Iowa

    Another difference between Northern IA and Southern IA is farm size. The size of farms in the northern part of the state is much larger than the southern part of the state. If you're talking in...
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    Re: Niang on Flex Cam at Jack Trice

    Fair enough, I'll give you that. CF is not representative of all ISU fandom and that is a good thing. Among the serious ISU fans I know (by that I mean football or basketball season ticket holders)...
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    Re: Niang on Flex Cam at Jack Trice

    Some fans were unhappy with him leaving, some fans were not unhappy. That's controversy, plain and simple. It was hotly debated here for weeks. Is it still actively debated? No, but that's because...
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    Re: Niang on Flex Cam at Jack Trice

    I don't think it was weird or innappropriate that he was there, but I do think it was both weird and innappropriate for them to put photos of him up on the big screen during the game. After he left...
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    Re: city property laws

    "Parking" part of a yard?? I've never heard of this. I agree it is almost certainly owned by the city, since the city would own at least out to the sidewalk and probably a few feet beyond in most...
  11. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    I don't have any problems with what those girls basketball teams did. They both did the right thing in trying to secure themselves the best seed. The problem was with the tournament organization...
  12. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Why play a game if you aren't trying to win? Because your goal is not to win any individual game, it's to win the tournament. If any of the teams were allowed to opt out of some of the group stage...
  13. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Right, but that was not guaranteed. Why take a risk if you don't have to?

    To cloneswereall-- The run ratio they were trying to change was the SE team's. If the west team was shut out, that...
  14. Re: Central IA Girls Little League Being Cheated in World Series

    Right, that's how I understood it as well. Essentially, due to tie breaker rules the only way to assure they would advance was to be shut out. If they tried to win but lost by a close score they...
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    Re: Email Etiquette

    I'm ok with using all caps or mostly caps in the subject line if it's used sparingly and for a purpose. For example if there is a note with "ACTION REQUIRED: XXXXXXX" it's helpful for me to see that...
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    Re: Worst Places to Live In Iowa (article)

    My guess is the reason for this is population density. In southern Iowa, most counties tend to have one larger town of around 8-10K. In northern Iowa, you have 3-4 towns in the 1-2K range in most...
  17. Thread: BWW Ankeny

    by agrabes

    Re: BWW Ankeny

    Have you tried Hurricanes in the LinnDale Mall strip? A little pricey, but I really like their wings and sauce. It's basically a tropical/asian fusion themed wings place with beach decor inside. ...
  18. Re: Niang interview on CFH leaving, "you really couldn’t hold a grudge.”

    If anyone can understand and appreciate what Hoiberg did, it's the players. They're essentially in the same situation he was. They like ISU and appreciate what the university and program have done...
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    Re: *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Monday, June 8 ***

    Not that I'm one of the conspiracy theorists, but the situation you just described was a sham interview. I agree, it is a common practice, but it's also commonly known to be a sham. The external...
  20. Re: ROSENFELS: "Don't be mad it's over, be glad it happened"

    I agree with the quoted sentiment, just not the last part of his article. I understand Sage's point, he's an athlete and a competitor. He and Hoiberg both want to face the challenge of competing at...
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