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    Re: Reality.....competition

    I'm not trying to blow smoke up anyone's ***. ISU is not the pinnacle of coaching by any means, but let's not sell the place completely short either. Really, the only thing working against ISU is our...
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    Re: Fritz Denies Interest

    Meh, winning is entertaining to me. I'm not really concerned how we get there as long as we figure out how to do it. I'm not trying to say Navy's offense is right or wrong. I really don't know. I...
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    Re: Fritz Denies Interest

    Is anyone else here as annoyed with the "system" talk as I am? Honestly, the system really doesn't matter. What makes a successful coach, is being able to adapt to the changing scenarios as the game...
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    Re: COLUMN: Hire Seneca and Sage as assistants

    Kind of funny you say that. When I was looking at the Scott Frost bio yesterday, I was amazed at his coaching path, considering he was a QB.

    Coached Linebackers, the was Co-Defensive Coordinator...
  5. Re: COLUMN: Recapping an emotional Monday at Iowa State

    I feel bad for Rhoads the man, but not Rhoads the coach, if that makes any sense?

    He certainly had a passion for ISU and that is a rare gem to find, but it was pretty obvious his passion wasn't...
  6. Re: Big12 being shut out of CFB playoff is better for ISU, better for Big 12

    I don't really expect anything to be honest. I just think it's screwy the way the committee is set up. EVeryone should have equal representation or it should be an independent group. Of course AD's...
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    Re: Well, are you satisfied?

    Some of these posts have to be Hawkeyes trolling us right? I mean the attitude of "We suck, so we'd rather not suck with a new coach." Can't be real, can it?

    It's mind boggling to me how much the...
  8. Re: Big12 being shut out of CFB playoff is better for ISU, better for Big 12

    Championship game is not the reason, it's just the excuse they use. Notre Dame doesn't play a championship game, how will they get in?

    It's because we don't have good representation on a committee...
  9. Re: JEFF WOODY: Characteristics the next coach needs to have

    Yeah, it would definitely be a bonus, to have "midwest" values, but if you find a guy who can come in here and win and win regularly, I'll take west coast ******* any day. IMO, the "Good Guy"...
  10. Re: triple option.. yes if you want to lose fans..lose

    Meh, our inability to run the spread is so overblown. We've proven multiple times this year, we can put points on the board, the problem is, we had a coaching staff who didn't know how to adjust to...
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    Re: Pollard/Rhoads Firing

    It really doesn't matter, at least not that much. But, it's always good to finish on a good note. It's definitely not program changing one way or another, but it's always good to win.
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    Re: Excited for next year

    The guy can't win, plain and simple. This is playing out similar to Macs last couple of years. Getting oh so close and coaching yourself into a loss the last few minutes. I agree that I don't think...
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    Re: Spectre - anyone see it yet?

    I'm really not torn either way. My personal preference is for the old style, they were entertaining for the fact that you didn't have to take them too seriously. The new direction is also fine, but...
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    Re: Spectre - anyone see it yet?

    Except he's signing up to do commercials where, he isn't directly Bond, but you can tell he's playing the character.

    Anyways, what I think the Bond films are lacking now are the "crazy antics"...
  15. Re: Indisputable video evidence . . . Game replay

    This really isn't jsut ISU. I've been saying for a couple of years now, this is my biggest problem with replay. It seems that the officials now are looking for a reason to overturn something. The...
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    Re: If we win out....

    I'd rather see Les come to Ames.
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    Re: November 18, 2011

    Unfortunately for me, this has gone from one of my greatest Cyclone memories to depressing now. So much wasted since that victory.
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    Re: WWYD - Fender Bender

    Unfortunately, it's all a waste of time. I have a friend who's an attorney, he said the court system on this stuff is a complete joke, at least in Illinois. He was telling me his court stories,...
  19. Re: How will 5-7 teams get chosen for bowl bids?

    This! It drives me nuts when people complain about too many bowl games. Change the channel then, no one if forcing you to watch it. There are a ton of crappy shows on TV, I don't run around...
  20. Thread: Intro Video

    by Clonefan94

    Re: Intro Video

    Multiple links, Impressive
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ West Virginia
  • November 28, 2015
  • 11:00 AM