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    Re: Fair-Iowa craft beer tent

    Dont forget to tip well! All tips go to Meals from the Heartland.
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    Re: 2014 ISU basketball = 2002 ISU football?

    Totally agree! Thus why I said they would still be an NCAA tournament team.

    I hope this post didn't come off as thinking this season was going down the drain. I really meant it as a don't give up...
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    2014 ISU basketball = 2002 ISU football?

    Great player running the show (Seneca and Kane).
    Awesome start including beating a very good Iowa team
    Big Big 12 win gets the hype going nationwide (Texas Tech and Baylor)
    Top Ten midway through...
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    Re: TTU attendance: 5,681

    They said on the radio that it was the same ref that blew the block-charge in isu v tosu.
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    Re: Fight Song - Do you know the words?

    The fight song is the only song my 2 day old daughter knows. Or, atleast the only one I have sang to her.
  6. Re: Wallace Run #20 on Yahoo Sports Top 50 BCS Countdown

    But when we are winning by 35 or more at halftime of every game, they won't consider them top moments no matter how great the play is! It's gonna be a hard life being that good.
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    Re: Big 12 media day new "targeting" rule

    Just what college football needs, longer games with more time watching refs with a head set on...
  8. Re: Will DSM ever get to host NCAA Men's BBall Tournament

    Would this be the old YMCA by the river that was swapped with the convention center and JC Penny building a while back that they are talking about? Or is there another closer building that the city...
  9. Re: ***Official NCAA Wrestling Championships Info and Discussion Thread***

    I posted twice, does that put me above lurker status? Getting caught up on todays matches thanks to the awesome updates on here.

    No lurking tomorrow for this guy though. Excited to be watching so...
  10. Re: ***Official NCAA Wrestling Championships Info and Discussion Thread***

    Interesting. They announced it in the arena that we lost a team point.
  11. Re: ***Official NCAA Wrestling Championships Info and Discussion Thread***

    The ref was terrible during Mayfield's match also. The guy he was wrestling did continuous head taps for no reason, including a few of them out of bounds. Mayfield seemed like he brought it up to the...
  12. Re: ***Official NCAA Wrestling Championships Info and Discussion Thread***

    Sounds like a great 1st round! but I missed the 1st half of the thread and am too lazy to search the whole thing.

    So, Gibson, Gadson, Weatherman, and Moreno all won? Anyone else win?

    Thanks in...
  13. Re: ***OFFICIAL: ISU vs. OKLAHOMA Game(Day) THREAD***

    2nd half needs to start soon. With each passing minute, I can feel hope building up for a 2nd half comeback.

    I don't want my hopes to be crushed.
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    Re: Des Moines Schools

    Interesting. I guess I'm a little biased. My wife did some tutoring at North. So, she used to brag about her North students and the good things happening there.
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    Re: Des Moines Schools

    I think it would depend on where you live in Beaverdale. I think part of Beaverdale goes to Roosevelt. I wouldn't have any problems sending kids there. It has diversity, but still a really good...
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    Re: Can Redemption question

    They dump it out and hand count it themselves.
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    Re: Can Redemption question

    Murphy's Redemption will take back cans in cases or in bags. That's where we take our cans back. It's at 5356 Merle Hay Road. It's off the road a bit behind Sonics. Probably the 3rd garage in.
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    Re: ***Old Dominoin Preview/Gameday Thread***

    Just checked the match scores. It's gonna be a long year. Are we even going to have 2 guys ranked in the top 20 come next week?
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    Re: big huge elephant

    ***Insert nonawkward way to remind you that warm laptops lead to low sperm counts***

    ...too bad anyway I try to put it sounds awkward.
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    Re: Observations and apology

    This is all I can think of right now:

    Captain O'Hagan: I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, " Shenanigans."
    Mac: Hey Farva what's the name of that restaurant you like...
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  • TV: FS1
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  • November 28, 2015
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