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  1. Re: *** Official Virginia Tech vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Illinois looked good rebounding the ball against a pretty athletic UAB interior tonight. I think ISU will struggle to hang with them on the boards. If ISU decides to have one of their cold shooting...
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    Re: STAFF PICKS: Thanksgiving weekend

    "Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU - Even if Adam Gray was the Baylor QB I'd take them to cover this."


    Lots of people picking ISU, which is surprising. I'll be rooting for a win for the good guys as...
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    Re: I'm sitting at Applebee's...

    Nearly double digit sources?

    Sorry had to do it.
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    Re: What was the beginning of the end?

    Funny that so many people have a great view of Herman now. I remember back when he first left people weren't that disappointed(until Mess took over). We even had great nick names for him saying he...
  5. Re: Worst kept secret: ISU wants shot at UAB in Emerald Coast Classic

    Interesting note:

    Our next opponent, Virginia Tech, lost their season opener in a close one to Alabama State. Alabama State also lost a close one to UAB(72-70). Alabama State's next game is...
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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    If I were a betting man I'd put my money on our next coach either being Nick Saban or Bill Belichick.
  7. Re: Would we be a bowl team this year playing iowa's schedule?

    I'd enjoy it if we could go bowling with our own schedule, let alone somebody else's...
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    Re: What are the expectations for the next guy?

    I understand that you're the designated Rhoads fangirl here, but in what world is any reasonable fan saying 6 wins is unacceptable? Hell, had Rhoads even made it to 5 wins this year, which was...
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    Re: says Rhoads is gone*

    Not usually one to relish in people getting fired, but after yesterday this needed to be done. CPR seems like a stand up guy, but it just wasn't working out anymore.
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    Re: ISU bowl eligible if games ended at Half.

    I think this just goes to show this is 100% on coaching. No adjustments, or poor adjustments at half time every game.

    It's become more clear against great coaches like Patterson, Gundy, and Snyder...
  11. Re: We'd have no chance without Lanning and Warren - Shake it off fellas...

    Agree 100%. They messed up, I'm sure they are more than aware that they totally messed up. But players on all team mess up all the time. Bang bang plays happen. It's the coaches job to put them in a...
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    Re: End of Game Time Breakdown w/ Kneel Down

    Yep, but still, even if we punt, just line drive punt it, let it dribble and let our guys down it. KSU likely has drive 70-80 yards in 30 seconds or less on the clock and no timeouts. I like our D in...
  13. Re: We'd have no chance without Lanning and Warren - Shake it off fellas...

    If Rhoads gets fired I think we CAN hang onto a lot of the solid Iowa guys and upperclassmen(Lanning, Lazard, Campos, Tucker, Cotton-Moya, etc.), Hope we could some how hang onto Warren, but I have a...
  14. Thread: Keep Paul

    by digZ

    Re: Keep Paul

    Rhoads is like the opposite of McCarney. In the McCarney days we were horribly outmatched in the first half due to talent disparity, so the reserves for the other team came in in the 2nd and we...
  15. Thread: Mangino tweet

    by digZ

    Re: Mangino tweet

    He's also now retweeting almost everything people are tweeting at him, ha.

    Pretty low class to root against your former players just because you had a disagreement with the head guy. Shows what...
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    Re: Cyclone Post-Game Meltdown Show

    I would much rather win than get a new coach. I was on the "Rhoads win out or he must be canned" bandwagon, and since he lost this game I'm hoping he's gone ASAP, especially given the manner in which...
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    Re: Fire Rhoads NOW!!!

    I wish there was such a thing as disliking a post beacuse this would be it. Yeah players make mistakes, however the players did their jobs in the first half. Coaches need to not make stupid *** calls...
  18. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas State Gameday Thread***

    Not taking a knee on offense with 1:36 left in the game. Odd play calling on the 4th down to try convert with an option pitch(those always go so well for us). Constantly rushing 3 and not allowing...
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    Re: Questions you'd like to ask CPR

    How does it feel to be set monetarily for life after being so incompetent in close games?
  20. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas State Gameday Thread***

    LOL. It's almost comical at this point. JP has nothing left to sell to the fans. Was a good ride Rhoads, don't let the door hit your *** on the way out.
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