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  1. Re: New P5 (or P6) Conference...Give the Texas and OK the finger...The Big X

    This is by far the most appropriate and correct answer to this entire thread.
  2. Re: COACHING SEARCH: Wednesday, Nov. 25 evening update

    So looking at JP's history, I think there are 3 things to bank on:

    1) he will get it done quick
    >someone posted the average time was like 8 days or something
    2) he will hire someone the...
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    Poll: Re: Over/Under on hiring timeline

    I am going under, based on past performance as well as the fact that JP has probably had a list in his pocket for 2 years or so...
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    Re: 2016 Big 12 Schedule

    yeah bet the over on their season whatever it is.
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    Re: Firing CPR is a big mistake

    Have not read every page of this thread, but what to expect on the assistants? Normally, a new head coach would bring in all his guys. But any chance some of the good ones stay?

    I would love...
  6. Re: JEFF WOODY: Characteristics the next coach needs to have

    My first reaction to this sentence was that it was a contradiction in terms. :twitcy:
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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Don't know anything about the Navy guy at all. One thing I will say though, is he is used to dealing with self-motivated players. May not work with "talented" guys as well. Could be a replay of...
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    Re: Goodbye Paul

    It was for me.

    I was hoping he could recover from this flat spin, not so much because I thought he would be a good coach suddenly, but just to avoid some controversy, save the buyout $$$, and...
  9. Re: I am fairly optimistic about the KSU game

    I think ISU is better at most positions, including QB. I think KSUs limited offense makes this game set up just like Texas. On paper, even on the road, ISU should win.

    However, KSU has a...
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    Re: Questioning of Bill Self

    I always thought Self was not a good coach when he was at Illinois. Always seemed to have great talent, and underachieve. Very much in the Ricardo Patton mold - "no one does less with more".
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    Re: Ketchup Leather

    Sure to be at least as big a hit as blue ketchup was a few years back.
  12. Re: ***Week 12 College Football Survivor Game***

    All I have left is Iowa for this week. Then I am out.

    Thought I was being clever picking Memphis, OK St, & Houston earlier, and saving the big hitters. Oops.
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    Re: Smoking Pork Loin

    Included in this thread:

    The bigger the piece of meat the longer it takes.
    Thought he had a big hunk of meat.
    Do not forget to rest your meat for 10 minutes.
    I have a big smoker.
    Is Tex...
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    Re: Concession Stands at Hilton

    I have volunteered and run concessions at some USHL hockey games. There is literally 90 seconds of training, and it is only wrt the cash register, and you forget instantly and have to figure it out....
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    Re: Intro Video

    Was it even a walk out song? I thought it was just what happened to be playing, something unmemorable for sure. Even the wife thought it was lame. Real letdown after being behaviorally conditioned...
  16. Re: Why Iowa State fans are second to none on display tonight

    These early season blowout games against crap teams are always a bit awkward. People want to try to get into it like it was Big Monday vs KU, but you really just can't. So we clap and cheer a bit,...
  17. Re: I hope the CFP Committee hoses the Big 12 again.

    Who has the better brand? OU or ND? There is your CFP selectee...
  18. Re: I hope the CFP Committee hoses the Big 12 again.

    I do not believe that either an undefeated Ok St or Iowa team would get in ahead of a 1 loss Bama or 1 loss ND team.

    Hell, If Iowa beat Ohio St in the B1G CCG and was undefeated, there is...
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    Re: OSU false start on third down

    Yes. Had they got the first down, you would have heard either "there is no penalty for illegal formation" or else "offsides defense - penalty is declined".

    How does the questionable officiating...
  20. Re: Unhappy Campers: Colorado jn PAC 12 Denver Post Article

    Wouldn't it? First, having a CCG gives another big win to someone, which hurt the Big12 last year. Having Rutgers, Purdue, Maryland, et al in the B1G sure didn't hurt them any.

    I agree with...
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ West Virginia
  • November 28, 2015
  • 11:00 AM