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    Re: Songs you're embarrassed to admit you love

    As much as I still love it all, the teen pop of the late 80s is ridiculously fun to listen to, even if I turn a little red mentioning it publicly. Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, New Kids, Duran Duran, etc....
  2. Re: VBall: Iowa State at Texas Tech 3:00 PM Today

    No need to stand in the corner!! Those seasons all seem so long ago with the recent string of early exits from the tournament on the road. I was there in 2011 as well - sick as a dog, trying to...
  3. Re: VBall: Iowa State at Texas Tech 3:00 PM Today

    Iowa State has hosted NCAA 1st and 2nd round games in 1995, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

    That being said, no, we don't have any chance to host this year. That went down the drain with the KSU loss and...
  4. Re: *** Official 2015-16 NBA Regular Season Thread ***

    I don't like watching the NBA and have never liked the Bulls anyway, but I enjoy watching Golden State. Especially at Oracle. They're fun to watch and that crowd is incredible. Very entertaining...
  5. Re: *** Official 2015-16 NBA Regular Season Thread ***

    Never mind - just found it will be on ESPN tonight at 9:30 pm.
  6. Re: *** Official 2015-16 NBA Regular Season Thread ***

    Is the Warriors/Bulls game going to be on tv in central Iowa tonight? It's blacked out on CSN-Bay Area for me (obviously). Maybe it's on the Chicago Comcast station? I haven't had a chance to...
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    Re: Volleyball ISU vs KSU

    I get both sides of this argument. We were truly terrible at volleyball before CJL arrived. Truly. If you don't remember, look it up - multiple seasons of 1, maybe 2 conference wins a year. But...
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    Re: Carleton Freshman of the Week

    Had a feeling Carleton would nab the first FOW this season, averaging a double-double over the first two games. Hopefully, that's the first of many for her. Starks and Burkhall probably will have...
  9. Re: Unhappy Campers: Colorado jn PAC 12 Denver Post Article

    I don't feel sorry for Colorado, personally. They made the decision to leave, regardless of where it ultimately came from. That being said, I would happily welcome them back to the Big 12 if they...
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    Re: Gonzaga - Pitt cancelled at half

    From the article on the Gonzaga basketball website: "Note: The game result and stats will not count for either team."
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    Re: Mystery Science Theater 3000

    This was the very first thing I ever saw of MST3K waaaay back when I lived in California. I remember thinking, "hey, that's Iowa State! What the **** IS this show?" all the while laughing at how...
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    Re: Thank You Veterans

    Thanks to my dad, who is an Air Force veteran and was in Vietnam, as well as being stationed in other parts of the far East. Love you, dad!
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    Re: ISU 21st in RPI

    Iowa State moved up to #14 in the RPI standings today (11/9/15).
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    Spectre - anyone see it yet?

    I have seen some good and not-so-good reviews about Spectre, the new Bond flick. Was able to see it myself Friday night and honestly wasn't all that impressed. There were some good elements to it,...
  15. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Sisters run away from Midwestern

    The first half had some pretty terrible basketball. The second half, it seemed to come together fairly easily and most everything was clicking on the floor. The freshmen who played both impressed...
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    Re: How Many Wins/Loses Left

    Wow, TCU just swept Texas in Fort Worth. I would have penciled that in as a probable win, but am re-thinking that now. Maybe they got "it" out of their system and won't be so lights-out when ISU...
  17. Thread: Rankings

    by Buster28

    Re: Rankings

    Iowa ranked? That's a total crock. Not after what they lost from last season.
  18. Re: Southwest dropping Midway, adding St. Louis in April

    I use the most since you cannot purchase their flights anywhere else, they go where I want to go, and I can board early to choose where I want to sit every time. I will use...
  19. Southwest dropping Midway, adding St. Louis in April

    I'm not sure why they're doing this. Does going through STL add anything that passengers weren't...
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    Re: Volleyball at Iowa 8:00 PM 9/11

    To be fair (here I go "defending" Iowa again), 8 of those 10 conference losses were against ranked teams. But that doesn't change the fact that in 7 of them Iowa was swept. They have only won 4...
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ West Virginia
  • November 28, 2015
  • 11:00 AM