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    Re: colorado player ejected

    Against air force guys who will be enlisting once they graduate. Classless.
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    Poll: Re: Nickname for Lanning to Lazard combo

    I prefer the Lanning-Lazard-Warren triple nickname myself: Lanzarden.

    Maybe even Wazning. What are we talking about, again?
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    Re: Big news coming

    Guys, guys, guys, guys. This just can't be. You can't have "good news is coming soon" threads on the internet that have good news come soon after. It breaks the rules of the internet. Stop it.
  4. Re: Hearing back from Bowlsby/Big 12 Screwjob

    Well, normally the whole "let's save time" thing would work. However, these officials proceeded to take time to measure for the first down AFTER WE LOST A YARD on 4th down.
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    Re: OSU false start on third down

    I'm still confused as to why the officials decided to measure for the first down after the running play lost a yard. It the ball wasn't close enough to measure the first time it was placed and it...
  6. Re: How can the coaching staff not know what down it is??? EVER HEARD OF A TIMEOUT??

    The only thing I thought abhorrent is that the 4th down play went backwards and the officials decided the measure for the first down. I've NEVER seen a play go backwards and then get measured...
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    Re: 1ST DOWN?!?

    I thought the officials were ******* horrible that possession. First, they don't give the first down or even measure (horrible spot, too). Then, the play goes freaking backwards and then they...
  8. Re: *** Official Colorado vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I don't know how you celebrate, but a night of******* and moaning sounds like celebration to me.
  9. Re: *** Official Colorado vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Flight delay! Woo hoo!
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    Re: Ranking Pixar's Feature Films

    Someone got an A in their psychology class.
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    Missing the Game

    I'm starting a support thread for those of us who will be forced to miss watching the game live tomorrow. I'm going to be boarding a plane at tip-off time and in the air until it is probably over...
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    Re: Week 2 - BCS Projections

    Sure got Florida State a long ways last year.

    The committee needs to focus on this year, not last year.
  13. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    I'm off to go get groceries to hold me out for the next decade of apocolypse
  14. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    Lol, no way this stands although you can't see anything.

    edit: WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?
  15. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    Offensive line is getting abused. Won't be competitive if they don't give either the RB some room or the QB some time.
  16. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    How on earth did they lose to Texas?
  17. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Oklahoma Gameday Thread***

    dang, that was an unexpected play call.
  18. Re: What are the new rules for MBB that John and Eric were talking about.

    Yeah! Screw you, media! Well... just you ESPN.
  19. Poll: Re: Friday Poll #2: Your Favorite Star Wars Characters

    WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME OF THIS!?!?!? *stabs own eyes*
  20. Thread: Mizzou

    by CycloneWanderer

    Re: Mizzou

    lol, conference realignment has ruined 3 former Big XII schools.
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