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    Re: Official 2014 Recruiting thread

    I did not expect Allen Lazard to be "Pitch Perfect" fan.
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    Re: Nigel Tribune may play as freshmen

    Let me apologize to rustshack. In my attempt to present a potential reason for not redshirting Tribune I clearly crossed some sort of line on how to post. I was just putting another potential reason...
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    Re: Nigel Tribune may play as freshmen

    I want to start with I am not saying this situation is what is happening with Tribune. But I do know from first hand conversations that teams will not redshirt a player if they think that they will...
  4. Re: Knott, Klein, Lenz, preseason TV listings

    I actually watched the game out here. He played as the 3rd left tackle. He did get called for a hold and got caught a few times trying to lunge at his guy that got him in trouble. He got driven back...
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    Re: ***Official National Signing Day Thread***

    I ask this question reluctantly because of the possibility of starting a debate I don't care about and don't want the blame for starting up.

    However, did a few of our recruits lose a star in the...
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    Poll: Re: How do you feel about bowl game?

    I like everything about this bowl except the opponent. Literally any other team in the country and I would be excited for this game. But man nothing good comes out of this matchup.
  7. Re: Jake Campos official visit (for the doubters)

    Come on, we are not so insecure as alums and students that we can't see that there are schools that are in more popular locations or that have better academic reputations.

    It's not like he said...
  8. Re: Official Fired Coach Recruit Poaching Thread

    I thought there was a LB committed to Purdue that took an official visit earlier this year.
  9. Re: ****Official Iowa State vs Cincinnati in Vegas Gameday Thread****

    I feel like this is not the first game where Clyburn has shot poorly. Am I mistaken. Admittedly I haven't really been paying much attention so far this year.
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    Re: gage shafer over jared brackens?

    Not a great sign for Brackens' future.
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    Re: big huge elephant

    Pretty sure if you hold WVU to 31 you had a good game. ESP with a back up CB and a walk on safety.
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    Re: Players in the NFL by school

    Could the lower level schools having more NFL players be related to partial qualifiers? Isn't there some athletes that don't qualify for certain larger schools and have to go to smaller Fbs schools?...
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    Re: Until we recruit better players.....

    I agree that we are getting better slowly. Remember it took Mizzou and KU a while to build up to compete in the conference and I think CPR is ahead of that.

    However I think we have to worry...
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    Re: Quarterback Position Reopens

    I have to respectfully disagree with carlhungus. Statistically they were getting stops early in the game. However they were forced to keep going out there because the offense was not getting first...
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    Re: Quarterback Position Reopens

    How many big 12 Qbs do you think are better than SJ an JB? 11? 12?
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    Re: Quarterback Position Reopens

    I think the problem here is that most everyone is right.

    We can't really separate the different parts of the offense. And whether the running game suffered from the passing game or the other way...
  17. Re: *** Official Texas Tech at ISU Gameday Thread***

    Couldn't make a defensive play on the ball.

    He was less accurate than my fat fingers on my phone.
  18. Re: *** Official Texas Tech at ISU Gameday Thread***

    1. Jantz is inaccurate. Has been since he got here.

    2. I understand that under pressure a qb will be come less accurate. But go look at the game. He wasn't under pressure when he missed the...
  19. Re: *** Official Texas Tech at ISU Gameday Thread***

    He turned the ball over 4 times. Which doesn't include the free play on the offsides where he missed a receiver by 10 yards.

    He is a turnover machine. He isn't natural with the zone read and he...
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    Re: You guys WILL NOT beat us this time

    Ya that didn't really address the all talk issue. It does however bring up the question of "what kind of person doesn't bet what he believes?" Those scared cyclone fans won't even bet even though...
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  • November 28, 2015
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