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  1. Vegas says we're 10 pt favorites for tomorrow...

    I think that is a pretty fair assessment. Don't really know what to expect with CU, but that small arena figures to be more of a home game than neutral IMO...

    I predict we cover and then some...
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    Re: Good neighbor etiquette

    When we hired a company to install fence, I actually measured the width of my mower and added 2". That left basically 28" from the property line. That way I can make one pass with my mower on the...
  3. Re: Texas Longhorns Pre-Game Walk through Question

    I like where your head is at! I've got plenty of water balloons left from his birthday party this summer!
  4. Re: Texas Longhorns Pre-Game Walk through Question

    Are walk through's typically open to the public? I'd like to take him down there for a bit to watch if so...
  5. Texas Longhorns Pre-Game Walk through Question

    So my 7 year old was supposed to play his final flag football game at Warrior Stadium here in Waukee (which is a pretty big deal for a little kid!).

    Coach emails us 2 days ago and says we have to...
  6. Re: When did you attend your first ISU football game and opponent - score?

    1998 vs K State. Up 28-0 at half, lost 35-28 and I see the same **** to this day...
  7. WTB...C4 Parking Pass for Oct 3rd vs Kansas

    Really doesn't have to just be C4 but in that General area...
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    Re: Pacquiao v. Mayweather

    Was talking to the owner of a small establishment in Grimes today. Their place I would guess holds 50 people and they were going to be charged $4,000. He said he would have to charge each patron...
  9. Thread: Morel Hunting

    by troyisu

    Re: Morel Hunting

    Anyone having luck near Des Moines yet this year?? I'd like to get out and give it a shot.
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    Re: Shia LaBeouf's Hair (MUST-SEE!)

    Oh my...that dude has gone off the deep end...
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    Re: Clayton Custer Transfering

    I was looking at ESPN's recruiting page and there are three 4 star or better PG's still unsigned for 2015. Noskowiak, Hyron Edwards and Marshawn Wilson are all out there and 2 reside in Illinois and...
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    Re: March Madness vasectomy?

    I had mine done on the Wednesday (day before Madness began) a couple years back. Doc told me it was their busiest time of year for vasectomies.

    Was a great few, couch, peas,...
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    Re: curious question....

    A, B & D...Golf

    Can't wait to hit the links this time of year. Not hotter than s*** like it is golfing in July & August and courses are usually in great shape come early April.

    I also really...
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    My new drink of choice - Hand Sanitizer!

    Seriously...what is wrong with people!!
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    Re: Hoiberg NBA Rumor

    Here we go again...
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    Re: Anxiety For A Freshman

    I went the Greek route and to this day (15 years later) still hang out with on a monthly basis with about 5 or 6 guys from the house and their families. I know this site is anti-Greek, but it is...
  17. Re: Finishing a Basement: Any Extras I should add now?

    Make sure you leave your cable accessible for dish or cable provider. I messed up bigtime and buried the area where cable comes into home. Now if I ever switch back to Mediacom (doubtful anyway),...
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    Re: If you had $28,000 to spend on a...

    I have a company 2010 Honda Accord with the same oil consumption issue. I have to put a quart of oil in BETWEEN oil changes scheduled at 3,000 miles. From what I've read, it was an issue for models...
  19. ISU opens as 11.5 point favorite vs. Purple Kitties

    That's a bigger line than what I was expecting. Thought it would be around 7 or so.

    Also, Hawks are 10 point dogs at Wisconsin.

    The most interesting line though is Texas is only a 1.5 point...
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    Re: Visitors This Weekend

    ESPN just posted an article for insider's only about remaining targets.

    We apparently have Jaypee Philbert coming to visit this weekend. OL who recently decommitted from Arizona State.

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  • November 28, 2015
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