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  1. Re: COACHING SEARCH: Wednesday, Nov. 25 evening update

    I am less concerned with our future head coaches system. It all comes back to a coach who can create the right culture. There needs to be stability in the roster. There needs to be a staff that...
  2. Re: Worst kept secret: ISU wants shot at UAB in Emerald Coast Classic

    I would rather see ISU play Illinois. ALWAYS nice to beat a big10 team and game would get some media attention in a state it would be nice to have a recruiting presence.

    UAB game doesn't have any...
  3. Re: COLUMN: Your Tuesday afternoon coaching search update

    There is NO such thing as a safe coaching choice- even elite schools like USC, Notre Dame and Alabama have struggled to make a solid head coaching selection over over the years. The other fact is...
  4. Re: The Passion of Paul Rhoads (in player quotes)

    As a fan and just watching from the sideline, it is very easy to focus on W/L's and lose sight of the human side. Listening to the post game interviews with Lanning, Peters and Campos was tough. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Loney has a solid resume as an OL coach, but nothing in he resume speaks to him being qualified as ISU's next head coach. If that was his desire, he would have been a head coach in the last 15...
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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    Availability is a non-issue. First of all I would be completely surprised if a new coach is announced before Dec 1. So Hoke is no more available than an existing head coach or assistant. If there...
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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    I realize Barry Alvarez coached under Hayden Fry, but Barry took a completely different approach in building Wisky. If anything Ferenz modeled his defenses after what Barry did at Wisky.

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    Sticky: Re: Coaching Search Rumors - Consolidated Thread

    IMO there is no magical formula in JP's next coaching hire. There have been successful major college assistants, mid-major head coachess, guys with pro experienc, etc, etc.

    I think what is...
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    Re: Excited for next year

    Player mistakes have cost ISU the Toledo and KSU games directly. If guys execute we win those games.

    However, the coaching staff has made serious blunders.
    - At Toledo we run aplay that doesn't...
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    Re: If we win out....

    Not convinced buyout will be an issue. Sure $4.5M is alot of money but if 5,000 season ticket holders go away at lets say $500/ ticket (combo ticket & NCC donation), that alone is $2.5M. I also...
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    Re: WBB: ISU playing Drake on ESPN3 now

    It was a good atmosphere and I am glad ISU is still playing Drake/UNI in WBB on the road. Good early season test.

    I thought ISU looked slo, we just seemed to lack energy and the spark needed to...
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    Re: ****Official Class of 2016 Recruiting Thread****

    He would be the missing piece to our recruiting class. I have felt our ideal class would be recruiting a starting five and Lard gives us the 2nd post player. That would allow the staff the ability...
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    Re: JP's next big hire

    Last time I looked we have two games left and a chance to get five wins. We are a better team with Lanning at QB and games against KSU and WVU will give a true indicator if CPR has ISU on the right...
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    Re: Slightly OT, Baylor Injury

    If a player is hurt there is no wrong way to protect a players health. The Baylor player wanted to stay in the game and finally realized he couldn't. His teammate was smart to tell him to hit the...
  15. Thread: 3-4 Defense

    by isucy86

    3-4 Defense

    I don't fault the coaches for shifting to a 3-4 defense, I think it can make sense against pass heavy teams. However, I think we will have to grow into it from a recruiting and player development...
  16. Thread: Wally B

    by isucy86

    Re: Wally B

    I have issues with the cushion our DB's give, most of the time it is 8-10 yards. Makes it easy to run bubble screens against ISU.

    Not sure the cushion was the issue today. Thought the bigger...
  17. Re: If Paul stays, what would be different next year?

    Loyalty and love have nothing to do with whether we should keep CPR. CPR isn't a puppy dog and ISU football isn't a charity. Sports is about WINNING and providing an entertaining product. If ISU...
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    Re: Matt Thomas vs. Grand Valley State

    Anyone criticizing Matt's game last night has <0 basketball IQ.

    Matt did all the little things- rebounded, assists and his defense was great. Sure there was 1 or 2 three point shots he could have...
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    Re: BLOG: Five takeaways from exhibition

    In the postgame interview Niang kept talking about Prohm is constantly giving the guys challenges and playing a game within the game. Hopefully this will create more consistency. Last years team...
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    Re: We Potentially Ended Baylor's Playoff Hopes?

    I probably should have been clearer- the committee rewarded teams that made an effort to play a strong non-conference schedule. At this point teams don't control how the conferences set up a team's...
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