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  1. Re: Does the legacy of the "mayor" change after this?

    Easily. Fred is dead to us now. I hope the Bulls go 11-69 next year. He'll be back soon enough like Tim Floyd. Book it.
  2. Thread: It's on Fred

    by allenj32

    Re: It's on Fred

    I could not agree more. Every point OP made is valid and this was by far Fred's worst coaching job of the year. Didn't utilize timeouts and didn't manage the game, especially down the stretch. No...
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    Re: Matt Thomas predictions

    I don't see any playing time for him next year unless he is the 9th or 10th guy, which I would expect him to transfer if that is the case. His field goal % and 3pt % is brutal for being a "3pt...
  4. Re: Best fans in college basketball...Weakest student section

    Yes. This is exactly what I meant. Thank you for clarifying. Hut hut.
  5. Re: Best fans in college basketball...Weakest student section

    You obviously have only played Y-ball your entire life.
  6. Re: Best fans in college basketball...Weakest student section

    You're a Clay Aiken if you don't think the student section has any effect on opponents FT shooting. Loss.
  7. Best fans in college basketball...Weakest student section

    It's no coincidence that we are the worst in country in free throw % allowed. Teams are shooting 77% against us, good for last in the nation. Our student section has no originality nor creativity...
  8. Re: "Support your Mayor" t-shirt from CampusTown Gear

    What stores will be carrying "The Mayor" shirts? Looking to pick one up for the tipoff Friday eve. #hoiball
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    Re: A realistic look at Iowa State football

    Great post. I agree finding the right fit and implementing the right System is what is needed in Ames. CPR is a good person, a good motivator, and good at making excuses after every loss. We no...
  10. Thread: $4.95 million

    by allenj32

    Re: $4.95 million

    CPR = Putting a swizzle stick up your peehole.
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    Re: I'm tired of all you schmucks

    CPR cannot win and will not win. He needs to go
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    Re: Official I'm sorry CPR thread

    Time for Paul Rhoads to go. He is terrible. We need a coach who can win and isn't just a cheerleader.
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    Re: CPR needs to go

    Haven't had a drink. Just stating the facts that unrealistic Iowa State football fans don't want to hear or cannot admit. Football fans are just "TOO PROUD" to admit that it's time for CPR to go. ...
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    Re: CPR needs to go

    Last two posts were clearly from two fans who have unrealistic expectations for the football coaching staff and program. We need a big name coach who has been successful and knows how to win. ...
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    CPR needs to go

    Can't close the deal against a ranked team at home with a near capacity crowd. Can't score in the 2nd half? And Mr Conservative in the 2nd half and down the stretch, playing not to lose. If we...
  16. What time will we play Sunday, March 23rd when we win?

    Trying to figure out what time we'll play on Sunday after we crush NC Central by 33?
  17. Rundown: Rest of Conference schedule/seeding

    We have one of the most favorable schedules left in conference play. That being said, we still have to show up as TX Tech proved last eve that any team can win on any given night. 4 of the 7 teams...
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    Re: Rashad Vaughn - Announcing Tuesday

    UNLV not playing Tuesday, especially on national TV. Nice try. Mr. Vaughn will be in Ames next yr w/ Nader, McKay, Georges, and Monte. Big 12 Regular Season champs, Big 12 Tourney champs, Top 5...
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    Re: Is it game day yet

    We haven't lost to K-State at home since Hoiberg's 1st season. We won't lose another game at home and this much needed "off" week will resurrect us back to prominence. I figure we will finish 9-4...
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    Bubu could help...Monte at the point

    As much as I hate to start this thread with all of the speculation in the media, I think Bubu would be a great addition to the team at this point. (I was totally opposed to it 3 or 4 days ago until...
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  • November 28, 2015
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