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    Re: Caleb Shudak

    Yes there was a great kicker at ISU. See, back in the day NO ISU games came down to the wire. Therefore the kicking was excellent.
  2. Re: Anyone else rooting for Nebraska for the first time ever?

    I like the Iowa school, coaches, and players more. But MUCH prefer Husker fans over hock fans. And since it's the fans I have to deal with.. go HUSKERS!
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    Re: Firing CPR is a big mistake

    They're on pace to win twice as many games as last year. Should have been retained. :jimlad:
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    Re: Grayer's kid playing vs Oklahoma State

    Post it in category BAD *** AS HELL
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    Re: Marquette looks TURRIBLE!

    When our farm team plays Iowa we'll tend to talk about it.
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    Re: ISU Football & Unrealistic Expectations

    So the 4-5 star recruits look at us and say "nope, the fans have loser mentalities, I'm going to Florida instead!"

    Sorry man, but unconditional fan support is one of the few things we have to...
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    Re: If we win out....

    If this stadium is close to capacity the last two games he will be back regardless of the outcomes.
  8. Re: Abdel Nader considered leaving ISU. Now he's all in.

    Yep me too! So glad he's a Cyclone! He's a huge part of this team. Not to mention he's replaced Hogue as my favorite player this year. Seriously would have bummed me out.
  9. Poll: Re: If your Life was a Line from an Old School Hip Hop Song...

    I rip ****
    kill it
    cut your gut and spill it
    treat you like a gas tank, take your *** and fill it

    So poetic.
  10. Re: Did anyone watch Abdel Nader during the pregame warmup?

    When I was a kid I constructed a "nerf" hoop out of plywood and wire. I could hit 50% with the newspaper ball and 80% with the duct tape ball.

    This was posted for no reason at all.
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    Re: When to cheer for the Hawkeyes?

    Did you cheer for ISU in 2002 when they were 6-1 and ranked #9? I'm pretty sure you loved the OU beatdown. It's easy to pull for your rival when they're sucking.
  12. Re: Indisputable video evidence . . . Game replay

    Doesn't matter. We would have missed the FG in OT.
  13. Re: Looking back...Could things have been handled differently? (long)

    True. And the new coach may utilize both halves of the game too.
  14. Wanted - 3 Kansas State or Okie State bball tickets

    I'm trying to take my son to the game for his birthday, he's never been. Anyone willing to let their tickets go at a reasonable price?
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    Re: DMR Signing Day Article

    I wonder why they decided to add ISU and UNI in the Iowa recruiting class article?
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    Re: Good neighbor etiquette

    Since you're new to this here is some advice. If it's a married couple tell the man not the woman.

    Man will hear:
    "Hello there, I have some useless information for you. I'm putting up a fence....
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    Re: Press Conference.

    Yep, beating Texas 24-0 is pure solid gold regardless of the situation.
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    Re: Realistic Expectations

    As long as they beat the hawkeyes.

    Am I doing this right?
  19. Re: The Most Awesome/Stupid Thing You've Ever Done

    I once got into a car and drove/rode 22 hours straight to Rome NY for Woodstock. Set the place on fire, and then drove home.

    (Short version, because reading 5 paragraphs about something a complete...
  20. Re: Coaching Graveyard or Great Place to Coach?

    I think the list of coaches that have left to do better elsewhere pretty much says it all.
    I truly believe we are cursed.
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  • November 28, 2015
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