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  1. Re: COLUMN: Hire Seneca and Sage as assistants

    This. If we are talking former players my preference would be:
    1) Flynn
    2) Sage
    3) Senneca

    * Jake Knott as a GA?
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    Re: 2018 Recruit

    It's a youth football blog...most likely written by youths. The author is probably 12.
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    Re: Quarterbacks in the Rhoads Era

    At this point, I'd go with 1 - Arnaud (and like you said, he would have benefited from a different offensive style).
    Jantz was a turnover machine and the jury is still out on Lanning.
  4. Re: CPR on the td pass from Lanning to Lazard...

    Maybe if we had a perfect football team, that's not a pass that should be thrown...

    Maybe if AL isn't far an away our best player, that's not a pass that should be thrown...

    Maybe the pass...
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    Re: BLUM: The tall tale of Troy...

    I saw an article a while back when Darren's son was entering HS, but I haven't been able to find anything since.
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    Re: BLUM: The tall tale of Troy...

    Walden did not redshirt Troy his freshman year. As noted earlier in the thread, he played sparingly. Walden always gave the excuse that Troy couldn't block out of the wishbone which was *********. ...
  7. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Still optimism on D, Toledo & more

    Sure, but I think more to the point is that Herman is making Social Media part of his recruiting PLAN. Finding new and effective ways to communicate with recruits on their level is important, and...
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    Re: Interesting Stat
  9. Re: So how is ISU accomplishing the massive growth?

    This is right on target. We moved from Iowa when my girls were young, so they did not grow up "Iowans". Between the 2 of them we've visited WVU, Virginia, VT, Maryland, Rutgers, Princeton, Penn,...
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Season predictions

    Admittedly I haven't followed the Jaybirds offseason, but they did blitz us by 3 TDs last year. Whats changed so much?
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    Re: Friday OT #3 - Rhetoricals

    Aren't these more 'hypotheticals' rather than 'rhetoricals'?
  12. Re: Iowa Nice Guy is right. Dump Sweet Caroline

    1) Keep Sweet Caroline
    A) After WINS only
    2) Dump Smoke on the Water
    3) Soccer still sucks
  13. Re: Significant weight changes on new roster.

    Also surprised by the DM decision. I was for going the other direction. With another 10 pounds he could have made a nice replacement for Bibbs at TE. I also think he would have a better chance in...
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    Re: Pre-fall depth chart

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is the PRE-FALL depth chart. Given the history of our talent evaluators, sometimes it seems they just throw **** at the wall to see what sticks. Let's not...
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    Re: Steven Micic to transfer

    I thought you were trolling us here so I had to check KJ's twitter to make sure this was real. Does no one else think this is in very poor taste. Why is our coach openly bemoaning other schools...
  16. Re: *** Monte Morris NBA Analysis/Assumptions ***

    Seniors hardly ever get drafted high. If MM comes back for his senior year, he either got hurt or we had a terrible season.
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Superpowers

    I've watched enough Sci-Fi to know that time travel and 'fixing stuff' has lots of unintended consequences.
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    Re: New InterMat 2016 Rankings

    Sure would love to land Happel, but assume he's a hawk or UNI lean. I'm basing that on nothing other than the fact that I'm not sure we've ever landed anyone from Lisbon. Anyone know for sure where...
  19. Re: Friday Way Off Topic - Favorite Iowa Foods

    I have a list of must haves when I visit:
    Breaded Pork Tenderloin from any small town cafe
    Tasty Tacos
    Casey's Taco Pizza (and/or Casey's pizza in general)
    Maid Rite (this is on the verge of...
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    Re: New Rules for 2015 Season

    Most of these changes I'm pretty 'Meh' about. Seems like tinkering for the sake of change and not things that were big problems. I thought the 5 count rule was already in place? if not, I am...
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