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    Re: Let's talk WVU v ISU

    Like many others have said, we come out string, may even hold a lead and do nothing in the 2nd half. Can't see how anything magically changes in CPRs last game, as much as it pains me to say. WVU...
  2. Re: Remembering the 1985 Cyclone W Cross Country tragedy

    This was the year before I arrived on campus, but attending high school in Iowa I remember it well. Very sad.
  3. Re: Over / Under on "competitive " new Head Football Coach Salary?

    Yeah, the largest revenue generator at the school...let's not pay enough for it to keep it being that way. Makes sense.
  4. Re: Anyone else rooting for Nebraska for the first time ever?

    I will be cheering for nebraska, but not because they're playing Iowa. I cheer for Nebraska all the time, as my wife and her family are from there, and I have grown to like them especially since...
  5. Re: *** Official Chattanooga vs #7 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Can't wait. I say good guys 76, choo choo 59
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    Re: Random Thoughts V

    Part of me wants to ignore him, but then I think I'll miss some truly outstanding posts. He's kinda like a minor league bode clone.
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    NFL: Re: ***Official Week 11 Thread***

    Bengals lose in prime time again, but it's the number 1 scoring defense that gives it up. They've been so lucky on injuries this year, but this game took its toll especially on defense.

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    Re: NDSU at ISU Dec 1. oh ooooo

    Sorry...I meant north Dakota A&M
  9. Re: Big12 being shut out of CFB playoff is better for ISU, better for Big 12

    You make some good points, but I would be shocked if the schools would ever be able to all decide on which 2 teams to bring good in.

    Unfortunately, I believe we are stuck at 10 teams until grant...
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    Re: NDSU at ISU Dec 1. oh ooooo

    The good guys 85
    North Dakota 7
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    Re: Thank You Coach Paul Rhoads

    Liked Paul Rhoads, wanted him to successful, loved his passion. It didn't work out, and it was the right move to make this change.

    wish him luck in his next stop. Unlike Chizik, I'll root for...
  12. Re: triple option.. yes if you want to lose fans..lose

    Another great D up thread. If you don't agree with her, expect the wrath to rain down upon you, be called stupid, don't know football, etc.

    i don't care what offense we ultimately run, so long as...
  13. Poll: Re: If your Life was a Line from an Old School Hip Hop Song...

    Yes, and I had to tell my daughter it stands for other people's property. Being in Jr high I'm sure she already knows the real answwr...sadly.
  14. Poll: Re: If your Life was a Line from an Old School Hip Hop Song...

    My favorite from my youth was the Fat Boys (Now there was just one day that I'll never forget; got jailed for something that I'll always regret).

    Someone mentioned Naughty By Nature. My kids go...
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    Re: Colin Cowherd?

    Butthurt has to be the most ridiculous and overplayed putdown. Come up with something else.

    As for Cowherd he's an idiot no matter who he's trolling.
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    Re: Your an idiot!!!!!!!!!!

    I so want to put this idiot on ignore, but part of me wants to see what stupid thing she'll write next.
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    NFL: Re: ***Official Week 10 Thread***

    Agreed, and I've been a fan long enough to know their ****** postseason history (longest losing streak in the NFL). And maybe I have my black and orange glasses on, but this really is a different...
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    Re: When to cheer for the Hawkeyes?

    While I don't cheer for Iowa, I also don't actively root against them. I really dont care one way or the other. Some of my closest friends are Hawkeye fans, and I just ignore the idiots.
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    Re: Go after Brian Ferentz?

    I'm going to give a radical answer that hasn't yet been given in this thread:

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    NFL: Re: ***Official Week 10 Thread***

    I'm not going to get too freaked out over that loss by Cincinnati...yet. Next Sunday night at AZ will tell me a lot more about them than last night.

    They lay an egg next weekend, and time for...
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ West Virginia
  • November 28, 2015
  • 11:00 AM