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    Re: Thank You Coach Paul Rhoads

    I must have missed those.
  2. Re: REFUTED: Travis Hines: A look into the ISU BBall program and the Athletic Dept

    If this was written as an opinion piece in June I doubt anyone would have had a problem with it. The timing and written as a news story is what is questionable.
  3. Re: When did you attend your first ISU football game and opponent - score?

    1974 in Clyde Williams Stadium. No idea on opponent and score.
  4. Re: Pat Forde (Yahoo) says Rutgers being in B1G is a dumpster fire

    Without the tie to YES I wonder if the BTN would have had the ability to raise the subscription fee from out of market pennies per subscriber to in market $1.00 per subscriber. I could see many...
  5. Re: Pat Forde (Yahoo) says Rutgers being in B1G is a dumpster fire

    I think BTN charges cable companies much less if there is no B1G school in the market. If I remember correctly, the BTN and YES (Yankee Network) had some sort of tie which forced cable companies in...
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Props for Prohm

    UNI fans are so grateful they got Doug McDermott signed before his dad got the Creighton job.
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Props for Prohm

    Yea. ISU gets to pay TJ for a year to recruit to wherever he is going to be next year. Every other school recruiting against us will say why are you listening to TJ about ISU? By the time you get...
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    Re: Prohm Hired As ISU MBB Head Coach

    Many have said we need to keep TJ for one year to recruit the 2016 class. Hopefully he recruits a high enough caliber of player so that if he gets a mid major head job after next year they won't all...
  9. Thread: Keeping TJ

    by cyclone83

    Re: Keeping TJ

    Marcus Fizer?
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    Re: Tuesday OT - Goodbye Songs

    And I'm here to remind you
    Of the mess you left when you went away
    It's not fair to deny me
    Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
    You, you, you oughta know
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    As a lifelong Vikings fan this is how the AP saga will probably play out. He is on the Vikings roster but says he can't play due to some mysterious injury such as migraine headaches. After a few...
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    Re: Regarding Andy Katz' Tim Floyd mention

    What are the odds there is someone with the talent of Fizer that has a relative who is the caregiver to Tim Floyd's mother-in-law? That is how Tim landed Fizer, he had a relative that was helping...
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    Re: Pre-Memorial Day Hoiberg NBA Update

    If Fred is not coaching ISU next season what percentage of games will the TV announcers say the name Fred Hoiberg and mayor?
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    Re: Survivor: Worlds Apart

    The reuinion show was a cross between a Celebrity Apprentice board room firing and a Jerry Springer show.
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    Re: Just want to throw this out there...

    Marty was in Chicago for last nights game. I'm sure he will get to the bottom of all this and let us know today.
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    Re: Just out today- IA HS enrollment figures

    Because there are a lot of kids that go to Johnston that live in Des Moines, Urbandale, and Grimes. Across the street from Hoover North of Aurora is Johnston school district. To drive to the new...
  17. Re: News release: Hoiberg to undergo open heart surgery

    Why isn't CW in the surgical gallery tweeting updates? Just leave the Junior Mints in your pocket though.
  18. Re: Great Concerts Announced Already this Spring/Summer.....

    Has anyone ever gone to the Playing With Fire concerts at Midtown Crossing in Omaha? Albert Cummings is playing there July 2 and he rarely gets to the Midwest. Also the price is right, Free! Looks...
  19. Re: Great Concerts Announced Already this Spring/Summer.....

    Going to see Tinsley Ellis at Forte Friday night. Never been to Forte, what is it like for a venue? It's in the same building as Buzzard Billys just south of the Well.
  20. Re: Photos are in! Last season Clyde Williams/First Game new stadium

    I went to many games when I was in 8th grade at Clyde Williams for its final season and was at the opener in the new stadium against Air Force. I remember the Air Force kicker making a 63 yard field...
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