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  1. Re: *** Official #21 West Virginia vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***
  2. Re: ***Official #15 Iowa State @ #9 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    Less than 12 hours left! Yaaaay!
  3. Re: *** Official #9 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    I almost can't watch this.
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    Re: Get ready for TwoCoach...

    Easy to say when you're playing Texas Tech at home. I believe Cydkar did specify this never happens "at a game." Texas Tech at Kansas hardly qualifies as a game. Also, we don't believe you anyway.
  5. Thread: Tavon Sledge

    by NCCisufan

    Re: Tavon Sledge

    Indeed. Was quite the speedster as well.
  6. Re: Interesting tidbit in the Omaha World Herald.

    Yes, this please! I've worked quite a bit in that area on both the Iowa and Nebraska sides and this sounds plausible.
  7. Re: New Year's Resolutions: Iowa State Cyclones

    Boycott NBC Sports!
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    Re: Hawk Nation/Deace Glowing re: ISU

    Good stuff. Enjoyed their breakdown of Iowa's lack of quality guard play. Makes me appreciate what we have.
  9. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Have to work 10 to 7 today. Employer knows full well that expecting me to stay until 7:01 or later will absolutely not happen no matter what. Im watching this game one way or another!
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    Re: If this BDJ stuff is true...

    I was unaware of the specifics on how Ames PD went out of their way to avoid arresting BDJ. Can you elaborate for me, please?
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    Re: If this BDJ stuff is true...

    Thanks Ames PD. The streets of Ames and the basketball courts of Iowa City are once again safe from this menace
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    Re: This Team's Expectations

    ....And Bryce Dejean-Jones is so freakishly unstoppable that his talent leaves you at a loss for words, which is why you couldn't even bring yourself to mention the addition of a player of his...
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    Re: Cooke update

    the link you posted was much appreciated reading
  14. Re: Clones Interest in Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk Ukranian 16 Year Old

    pronunciation of Svaitoslav's name from this guy in a stylish jacket @ 0:11 seconds...
  15. Re: LeVelle Moton Shoutout to Cyclones - Update on Condition of Son

    More like a quality low-major program. Mid-major is a term a lot of us are throwing these days to describe all non-power conference schools that show any ability to compete, which is not really how...
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    Re: Fred in Ames for at least 12 years!

    Not trying to troll, but just honestly curious. How can you tell? What about this 5 or 6 year old has led to your determination that basketball is not in his future?

    I didn't even pick up my...
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    Re: Joel Embiid to enter NBA Draft;base64,/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQABAAD/2wBDAAkGBwgHBgkIBwgKCgkLDRYPDQwMDRsUFRAWIB0iIiAdHx8kKDQsJCYxJx8fLT0tMTU3Ojo6Iys/RD84QzQ5Ojf/2wBDAQoKCg0MDRoPDxo3JR8lNzc3Nz...
  18. Re: East region is the toughest that Iowa State is in

    That being said, I prefer "this universe" where we ARE a 3 seed and Big XII Champs. Probably wouldn't trade it for any alternate universe!
  19. Re: East region is the toughest that Iowa State is in

    Well now that you mentioned it, Iowa State really IS ALREADY in some kind of Multiverse, we all are. it just doesn't seem that way from our perspective.
  20. Re: East region is the toughest that Iowa State is in

    I also need the answer to this question ASAP. Can't find it anywhere, probably because it won't be decided until inconveniently late.
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State @ West Virginia
  • November 28, 2015
  • 11:00 AM