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    yeah i might be going. ill keep you updated. always happy to meet cyclones!
  2. Hey Kari,

    O.k., it is all coming back to me now. I guess that I knew or remembered Lora more was because she was older and could stay up with me a lot longer when I babysat you all. I'm sure your dad would remember me and possibly my dad, Charlie, and brother John a lot more. My dad sold Havestore's and John worked at the Co-op in Hampton for years and I think both of them knew just about everyone in Franklin County.

    I guess you will just have to keep working on him about the but then again, I'm sure he's doing the right thing to stay in good with you by cheering for the Cyclones when they aren't playing the hocks.

    Thanks for taking the time to email me. It is always nice to talk to someone you have known. I live in Lake Mills now and tonight Hampton-Dumont played softball here and I ran in to several people that I haven't seen in a long time.

    talk to you soon - bobby
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    Lora's the oldest, then Kristyn and then me, Kari. I'm sure my dad would remember you - sometimes I think he knows everyone who ever lived in Hampton. I have two kids. My son is 3 and loves Cy. :D My daughter is almost 8 months.

    That's great your son already plans to go to Iowa State. I didn't even apply to any other schools, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I would love it if even one of my kids went there.

    My husband was being recruited to Iowa State for football, but that was during the coaching switch from Walden to McCarney and they ended up not offering him a scholarship. The grad assistant (I think) at the time left to go to a DIII school in Indiana and ended up convincing him to go there for engineering. Part of me thinks he's still a little bitter about not being offered, but he will cheer for Iowa State, as long as they're not playing Iowa.
  4. Is Laura your oldest sister? I think that I do remember her but no one else...sorry! I knew your dad was a huge fan and we use to talk about the Cyclones extensively!!! By the way my name is Robert (Bobby) McLaughlin. Remind me what your name is - if you wish - and your other sibling.
    I know what you mean about having a spouse who favors the wife use to like the hocks and of course when our son was born that all changed because all his uncles (her brothers) are hock fans and but I totally refused to put him in that cat poop and dirt (their true colors) gear! Curran (my son) totally loves everything I.S.U. and has even planned on going there when he graduates high school.
    How many kids do you have? I have three (24, 21, and 14) and a 4 year old grand-daughter!
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    That would be us. :) My two older sisters also graduated from Iowa State, along with both our parents. Dad was a big Cyclone fan and started us early on football games and wrestling meets. One sister lives in Wellsburg now and the other lives in Ames. My husband graduated from a small engineering school in Indiana, but favors the Hawks (I know..). I'm working hard on my kids, though. My three-year-old already knows the words to the fight song. :D
  6. I was in Cinda's class. I use to babysit her cousins but really cannot remember their names. They lived just south of Cinda's home...or her parents' home.

    I live in Lake Mills now and my wife thinks I'm crazy for checking out Cyclonefanatic on a regular basis...or even watching the Cyclones
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    You probably knew my cousins - Cinda, Bret and Chad. I'm the youngest in the extended family. I really enjoyed growing up in Hampton. We may be crazy, but my husband and I hope to get into the family farm sometime in the next few years and move back up there. He's not from NC Iowa, though. He grew up west of Ames about a hour - just north of Jefferson.
  8. i grew up just south of hampton on an acerage 1/2 a mile from the hampton hotel. my little brother's pic is on the wall in the wrestling room for being hampton's only second state champion at the time...he graduated in '88
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    1997. Grew up on a big cattle farm south of Hampton just north of the 4 mile hill.
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