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  1. TheJackWePack5
    TheJackWePack5 soccercy
    If you still have the 4 tickets and parking pass for tonight's KU game for $200 I am interested! I work in WDM/Clive.
    1. soccercy
      I still have them, I am off work today, could meet today any time after 1
      Jan 16, 2017 at 11:02 AM
    2. TheJackWePack5
      Definitely interested. What are the ticket details (I.e. section/row). Thanks!
      Jan 16, 2017 at 11:11 AM
    3. soccercy
      Section 237, row 13, seats 2-5
      Jan 16, 2017 at 11:43 AM
  2. Marti4Cy
    Marti4Cy ImperialCyclone
    Tickets still available for the Texas game? I'd like to buy them if they are. Willing to drive to you.
  3. Marti4Cy
    Marti4Cy spinback32
    Interested in your tickets to the Texas game. Can I meet you somewhere to pick them up?? I don't have paypal.
    1. spinback32
      We can if you are in eastern Iowa. I live in Cedar Rapids, and work in Iowa City...
      Jan 6, 2017
  4. JC32
    JC32 Cycsk
    DO you still have tickets for Texas? Are they lower or upper deck?
  5. tolfbfan
    just keep runza
  7. jdolson27
    Anyone selling their texas tech tickets for Friday? Looking for 3!!
  8. FerShizzle
    FerShizzle peteypie
    1. peteypie
      Ok, we will be looking for your request to join.
      Dec 14, 2016
  9. FerShizzle
    FerShizzle peteypie
    I'll join. I'm currently level 10 and around 2600 trophies.
    1. peteypie
      cool, what is your game name?
      Dec 14, 2016
  10. Greglixhislips
  11. Transient
    Sinner saved by Grace, Jesus loves you and died for all of our sins...
  12. Doc
    Doc Althetuna
    Dude, don't argue with Clone 83, he's nuts.
  13. huntamerica700
    huntamerica700 Cyclonefan710

    Just wanted to make sure that I have tickets for tonight. Just started on this site so I'm not sure how to get tickets off of here or where to pick up at. I live in Ames so I can meet you at Hilton if need be. Email is

    Please let me know.


  14. isu2014
    isu2014 keepngoal
    Are the Cinci tickets available?
  15. kbud
    kbud ImperialCyclone
    R the tickets still available? If so I'm still interested. I live 15 min from Ames, I'm sure we can arrange an easy swap
  16. nfrine
    nfrine DiehardClone
    MBB ticket is sold.
  17. nfrine
    nfrine benwied
    MBB ticket is sold.
  18. nfrine
    nfrine dukeebear
    The ticket for sale (MBB) belonged to my 22 year old nephew. He passed away a month ago. There will be no possibility for transfer beyond this year.
    1. dukeebear
      So sorry for your loss. Thanks for the answer. I am going to check with my wife. Thanks
      Nov 25, 2016
  19. dukeebear
    dukeebear nfrine
    Is that ticket something you are willing to sell again for next year. We have been trying to get a fourth ticket for our family for 3 years?
  20. nfrine
    nfrine cycoticfan
    The men's BB ticket for sale belongs to my sister's 22 year-old grandson. The grandson passed away this fall so no transfer is possible.
    1. cycoticfan
      I am so sorry to here this. My condolences to your sister and the rest of your family.
      Nov 24, 2016