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  1. right on... It's alarming how narrow minded some people are on here, they just basically repreat what Fox or Rush tell them, not sure when they've had an original thought in decades.

    re: the huskers... yes, I could definitely be part of the plan you devised...
  2. Meh, F*ck them. They can jump on me all they want, but their 1950s social views and 1980s world views are dead. Let 'em rot.

    As for the Nebraska-Punching, I'm thinking I'd just line 'em all up really close together single-file. I'll punch the person in the front of the line as hard as I can, while simultaneously you punch the person at the end as hard as you can in the back of his/her head, and we'll let the domino (dumbino?) effect work its magic.
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