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  1. I believe that if you are planning to move with in say 5 years its always hard to sell no matter what. You cannot hear your neighbors, no, at least not in my experiance. Now if you go with a condo and there are people above or below you, im not sure. I am building my 3rd and final home right now, and my opinion is if you are planning your move from a home before you even buy it, id say rent, save money and buy a house you can live in for a long time. Simply because they are not the investment, money makers they were 10 years ago. Unless you live there for at least 6-10 years you will not make your money back ever. Unless you live in Vegas, or Flordia where the values dropped significantly, then that could be a good investment.
  2. Hey! I was searching for a townhouse thread, and someone who has had one. My wife and I are looking at some. What do you think of them. Just some general info. Can you hear people connected to you or are they generally well build? Are they hard to sell when looking to move? Any info would be great! Thanks!
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