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  1. Well he managed to get that pretty embarrassing post deleted! So he's got some sort of pull!
  2. It happens. It's such an easy trap.
    Basically, we have a neocon guy working for TSA while he may or may not be in grad school, but always manages to be right.
  3. Mesa sucks me in every time! I'm a weak, weak man.
  4. That's exactly where I'm at. Basically, Hamilton was that last straw that really snappd it for me. It's so far past obvious that there are real problems relating to these guys. He's good at getting them here, but there's no connection after that. Probably very jading for 18-20 year old guys.
    It definitely isn't building a system or anything at this point.
  5. I agree. I was with him up til the latest defections. At some point you can't blame the kids for leaving. The common denominator is the coaching staff. If you can't keep players around, it's really hard to win, no matter how nice a guy you are, or how good of an Xs and Os guy you are.
  6. I'm kind of there, too. Too many player retention problems anymore, but yeah, this one is ridiculous.
  7. Thank you sir. I really dont want GMAC as the coach, but complaining about this is like complaining about the portion size of your crap sandwhich.
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