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  1. Cats are the spawns of hell. Ooh - yeah, the beer thing would be a no-go. I'm going to guess late nights would also not be welcomed.
  2. I think I would end up killing their cats. They think that beer is evil.
  3. I love my grandparents so very much, but don't think I could do that, either - at least not for long. It would be too tough to be on my best behavior all of the time. :) Although, you'd probably get fewer peepers that way!
  4. Yea, it is. You can see GJ and the trains from the Bell Tower in Jefferson. I almost applied to teach in that district, but felt I would be too tempted to live with my grandparents (..... probably a bad idea).
  5. That makes a lot of sense. Grand Junction is only a few miles from Jefferson - I actually had to drive further to get there from Ogden than I would have had to if I'd lived in Jefferson, and it was super-close to Ogden.
  6. My grandparents live outside of Jefferson, and his second wife is from there. That's why I wondered.
  7. VERY close. I worked in Grand Junction at the Casey's. It was my first job in high school.
  8. You didn't happen to work in Jefferson, IA, did you?
  9. That was a fantastic way to put it - if it doesn't come with a laugh track and/or someone getting hit in the junk, most of America doesn't understand it.
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