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  1. I wish I could give you rep on the Dr. Mario comment.
  2. Jon and his brother are going to be playing in about an hour or so - he wanted me to tell you!
  3. Yeah I hope to get on again soon. Those guys are a blast to play with. Funny commentary throughout the game.
  4. You're a sweetie - thanks!! I don't have to do phone support anymore, so that's all I care about!

    I hope things are going well for you all?? Jon and his brothers were playing Gears of War last night.
  5. New posish huh, congrats!
  6. I keep doing the same thing - it just draws you back in, doesn't it? I've been a little annoyed that I haven't had time to be on the site at work lately (since I got a new position), but it's probably for the best - I wouldn't get ANYTHING done at work.
  7. Yeah I keep telling myself to go away and come back after the hire, but I start to miss the banter with you all. Ill just tolerate the crap like I always do.
  8. ...And "days" is right. I have a feeling this one will be pretty sustained. I ended up getting so annoyed and pissy that I just had to log out on Saturday.
  9. Ha ha. =) Gotta love meltdown days.
  10. You beat me, dang it!!
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