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  1. I may just let my wife root for ISU and I go back and ust root for Texas, but I would miss these epic meltdowns, at least Texas fixes a problem and dont allow it to go on and on and on. ISU can be a power house, this is straight from the Texas board a few years ago...."IF they understand the business aspects over the pride aspects they can be, I dont for see that in the near future or even my lifetime".
  2. I'm guessing "beatdown" will be a better word to describe that. :-)
  3. Wait till my Alma Mater plays ISU...that will be fun
  4. Too many fans act like they are neutral and can root for the other but let's be honest.......they can't and aren't neutral and are very good at ************ themselves
  5. Like some who are on here, like the last poster that wuoted me...2012 is that high school or college graduation. You dont see me rubbing in my Alma mater of...yes...1986 in, but I may have to...
  6. I'm not sure, it's pretty pathetic when I see threads on here ****** because Iowa fans don't cheer for ISU (when they aren't playing) and than a 10 page one where ISU fan says that anyone who's a Clone fan and cheers for Iowa is wrong.......just a stupid double standard
  7. the ringer is... they will closet cheer for them...its natural
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