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  1. Oh, yeah, that's right. I said "suck it" to you!
  2. That would make me feel better if I could figure out how to do it and you couldn't... Instead, we're both uninformed. You at least have the intestinal fortitude to attack people...
  3. With great power comes great responsibility. If it makes you feel better I can't figure out how to message the entire alliance.
  4. Well, see, the thing is... I am pretty sure I have the power, I just have no idea how to wield it. (That's worse, isn't it??)
  5. I was just gonna write and make fun of the power you have over others. I guess the Global Mod thing you have is just a facade.
  6. Crap - it won't let me change yours! Well, I'm still calling you Hulk at all times.
  7. It is how I shall refer to you at all times in the future now. I think I'm going to go change YOUR user title now.
  8. I actually wouldn't mind being called the hulk. It'd be nice. Thanks for the new nickname.
  9. By "awesome," you mean "tragic" - right? Poor Babydoll...

    I don't think anyone else is going to pick up on this "Hulk" thing...
  10. I didn't notice. That's awesome.
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