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  1. Thank god I didn't go to school with him. Counting my blessings.
  2. Lol so true.
  3. Which would be every party haha
  4. I figured Clones21 woulda been the type to rat ppl out. It's unreal how idiotic that guy is. I bet he was "that guy" that called in every party he didnt get invited to in high school.
  5. Ok I get ya now. And I agree completely. Really loving the EFFORT the team has showed coming out of the second half. They seem to be contesting every shot.
  6. I meant to make it sound like that I agree. I havent disagreed with any! Sorry for the confusion too.... That isufan22 needs to come down from his fan pedestool he thinks he is on.
  7. Glad to hear it. You can't make excuses for lack of hustle and effort. PERIOD. Everyone throwing out garbage and sucking up to JVB obviously never played HS basketball. Btw: Exactly which of my posts did you not agree with?
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