Jamaica Trip, Part I

  1. Preaching at Hopewell Baptist Church. Good times!  The pastor told me to go for an hour. Then he said 40 minutes, but then told me to go as long as I...
  2. The view from our table at KFC in Montego Bay. Pretty much like the one in Ames.
  3. Our friend Brienna from Hopewell. She's the pastor's daughter, and one of our little friends down here. We hope we didn't ruin her for the family!
  4. Cy is ready to leave our Ames apartment. And yes, I allowed pink chairs in my living room!
  5. Pastor Duane Madden. He teaches at the college as well. I enjoy following him, because watching him makes me chuckle about the folks that say I'm too...
  6. Hopewell Baptist Church, where we were for our 2nd weekend. An excited country church down here in Jamaica. I ended up sweating through my suit...
  7. I met another doctoral student for my next program down here in Jamaica! We'll be taking a class or so together. God made a small world.
  8. Preaching at McField Baptist Church. I might have gotten a little excited :)
  9. Pastor Phillips and I at McField Baptist Church. I got to preach there in his first week on the job!
  10. Books, books, books, labeling so many books for the library:)
  11. We really do go uphill to go home. Don't forget anything, because running that hill wearing a tie will get you!!
  12. Old Testament Survey class, round the ol' laptop for the PowerPoint presentation
  13. The apartment building, our little home
  14. Looking down on the campus (but not in arrogance)
  15. Church History class
  16. Cy is ready to go!
  17. Another view from "our" apartment
  18. View from "our" apartment here
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