Ames Flood 2010

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August 11, 2010 -- Flooding is the big story in Ames.
  1. One of those tunnels you walk through on your way to hoops games at Iowa State.
  2. That's Larch Hall.
  3. Right between the Iowa State Center and Larch Hall. Lincoln way is under water.
  4. The water is creeping up to Iowa State's Jacobson Athletic Building. Some members of the football team are in the background there.
  5. Cy-Ride stand between Jack Trice and Hilton.
  6. Hilton
  7. Hilton.
  8. Iowa State's Stephens Auditorium, right by Hilton.
  9. Hilton Coliseum.
  10. There is the other side of it.
  11. Those are your tailgate tents between Trice and Hilton.
  12. Lot C3
  13. University Ave.
  14. I was as close to Hilton as I could possibly get. That is University Ave. in Ames.
  15. Lot B2
  16. Iowa State Center
  17. Hilton
  18. Another view of the tunnels.
  19. Hilton
  20. Alumni Building.
  21. Another shot from the top of the Alumni Building.
  22. View from the top of Iowa State's new alumni building. They had to shut power off this morning due to water getting so close.
  23. Sucks to be the owner of that truck
  24. Iowa State Center
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