Pictures of tailgate hell.
  1. My buddy Joe in the back of the van.  "Villa" is painted on the door that is open.
  2. Me, chugging beer next to Pancho.  These pictures were taken the sunday before the Toledo game in 2006.  We were too restless to wait till Thursday...
  3. meganandelysejpg
  4. A funny pic I came across of a friend of mine taken while tailgating.
  5. Me at the "Sheep Lot" in Manhattan
  6. KSU fans flying a Dale Earndhardt flag above the KSU flag.
  7. Me (back middle) and 5 friends at Floyd-Casey.
  8. My friend Joe posing outside the stadium in the prime donor lot.  This is 2 hrs before kick-off.
  9. More emptiness in the donor lot.
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  • Iowa State vs. Oklahoma
  • November 1, 2014
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