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Joshua Kagavi is the owner of an Internet storytelling company named Kagavi, inspired by his grandpa's campfire stories of adventure. Starting in June 2013, Josh joined the Cyclone Fanatic team as an occasional contributor, so he could share Iowa State stories inspired by his research into Cyclone lore. Earlier this year, building on the work of many others, Josh's research was able to confirm Jack Trice's jersey number as 37.

As a native of Ames and 2006 graduate of Iowa State University, Josh grew up watching Cyclone sports and has fond memories of attending many games. Josh and his wife currently live in a small beach town south of Los Angeles where they work together on Kagavi's stories and limited edition products. Their first stories and products are all based around Iowa State sports.

From time to time, Josh pops in on the forums under JoshuaKagavi and you can follow his adventures at Josh can also be found on twitter at @JoshuaKagavi where he often shares upcoming Kagavi products or stories and attempts to give away free stuff. Josh and his wife would love to hear from you!


  • TV: TBA
  • Football Season Opener vs. UNI
  • September 3, 2016
  • 07:00 PM